MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY CHOIR currently counts approximately eighty members. Together, we form a diverse group of people, uniting students and professionals, young and old, Maastricht locals, Dutchies and internationals from more than a dozen countries. Since 1995, the choir has been under the direction of Wim Vluggen. We sing a broad repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary to folklore. In selecting our programs, we always attempt to find pieces that are not (yet) well-knownOur membership forms an open-minded and sociable group. We enjoy bringing our music to people during concerts as well as informal events like charity performances or Christmas markets. In addition, we organize various activities outside of our weekly rehearsals, such as choir trips, drinks, and picnics. 

Photo made by Ananya Dutta during our summer concert “Let the sunshine in in!” (17th of June 2023)