What is the feeling of summer? Warm, care-free, relaxed, joyful, energetic, with its grand protagonist: THE SUN!

In our summer concert, we will sing about the sun and the warm season of summer.The world is waiting for the sunrise, and here it comes, here comes the SUN! The birds wake us up on a relaxed summer morning and we open the window to let the sunshine in. We will praise the sun; the love and warmth it offers wholeheartedly to the earth. We will sing the warm freshness of a summer rain, filling our rivers with much needed water, and filling our hearts with the joy of life. Our bird songs will take you along bushwalking in Australia. When you return, you’ll be just in time for a lullaby, or a secret romantic encounter underneath the stars. A few days before the summer solstice, let us celebrate the sun and summer together! Join us on June 17th at 8pm, in the O.L.V. Lourdeskerk in the Maastricht Scharn area! We are looking forward to sharing the joyful feelings of summer with you!


Students & children: €7,- (student ID required, children under 16)
Standard: €10,-
Studenten & kinderen: €7,- (student ID nodig, kinderen onder 16)
Standaard: €10,-

Date, time & location

Saturday 17th of June / zaterdag 17 juni
8 pm / 20 uur
O.L.V. Lourdeskerk (Groene Loper), Maastricht

Return Policy

Please be aware that we cannot refund purchased tickets. We ask for your understanding.
Het is voor ons niet mogelijk om reeds betaalde tickets te restitueren. We vragen uw begrip hiervoor.

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