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    The Maastricht University choir was founded in 1977 and counts approximately 100 members forming a diverse and international group consisting of students, non-students and academics. We currently have singers from 15 countries.

    Since 1995, the choir has been under the direction of Wim Vluggen. The choir sing and perform a broad repertoire from classical and contemporary to folkloric and modern music.

    The Choir also try to find pieces that are not well known. Our recent major projects were Mozart’s Requiem, Vic Nees’s Magnificat, Petit Messe solennelle by Rossini and Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.


    The University Orchestra Maastricht was founded in 1978 by some enthusiastic amateur-­‐musicians, employees of the Maastricht University and the harpist Phia Berghout.

    Jo Juda was the first to conduct them. What used to be a small ensemble has now become a full-sized symphony orchestra.

    Musicians are mainly students or employees form the Maastricht University or Hogeschool Zuyd although it is not mandatory to be connected to one of those institutions to become a member. The music that is rehearsed ranges from baroque (Bach, Händel) to fairly modern music (Borodin and Stravinsky) and is always suitable for symphonic amateur orchestra.


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